Audio Kinetic Assault

We’re AudioKineticAssault. We love people and music. They make the world go round. We love to tour. Hope to see you out there. We’re writing music for our new record that we’ll be going to record this summer. We’re going to be playing alot in the next few months and if you want to see us just let us know! love,

Jordan, Phillip, Dane and Cody

Big Ugly

Big Ugly was actually formed in the spring of 1999. We enjoyed success as a top notch cover band around the Valley area, as well as the Bridgeport area. We were able to add a funky spin to the music we played, and made every song we played our own.

Boys From Recreation Park

We're 5 guys in CT. We're all 19 - 23. We play fun music and sing about girls.


Hey everybody we're Castra, just trying to bring some diversity to the Connecticut music scene.

Jagged Visions

Jagged Visions was created with the intent of taking inspiration from the members roots. Bands they love, and bands they grew up with. Also to bring back a sound that used to exist within hardcore. Hard, brutal, dark music.

Of Unlikely Endings

We are Of Unlikely Endings from New Haven County Ct. We have just recorded a full length 9-track album entitled An Ascian Discord; three new songs from the album are up for you to listen to and hopefully enjoy.

Picked On Sally
Punk / Rock

Picked on Sally began in 2003 when founding members JD Fetcho and Jack Connor left their respective bands to start a new project in search of a solid line up and an eagerness to make melodic punk rock music. As JD and Jack began writing songs they recruited their friend Paul Ferguson to play bass and later Cameron Walker-Wright to play drums.

Saturday Matinee

Milford, Connecticut’s SATURDAY MATINEE combines the pop sensibility, and melodic catchiness of The Starting Line combined with the power and grandiosity of The All American Rejects, creating radio-ready Pop Rock for the masses.

Sixth House

Based in Branford, Sixth House was formed in early 2007. We look forward to bringing a refreshing sound to the local scene, and hope to take it further than New England at some point.

These Green Eyes

We are a five piece rock band from New Haven, CT. It seems like only yesterday we found ourselves together in Greg's hot, unventilated garage with only two days left before our first show, two new members (including the singer, who had never heard any of the songs before), and absolutely no idea what we were doing... None of us could have said with any degree of honesty that we would still be here almost 4 years later. See you on "The Road..." -These Green Eyes

Tight Rope

Tight Rope was formed in December 2002 in the town of Clinton Connecticut. We are five guys who play what ever we want ,and write songs about life. Check out our music and spread the word

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