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2009-01-29 11:36:08
We just finished another song with These Green Eyes that will hopefully be a bonus track on their album due out in March 2009 called "Relapse to Recovery" on Blackledge Music. Keep an eye out, and best of luck to the boys in TGE! Matty

2008-04-02 13:27:17
Hey all - I just finished up the group vocals for a few songs on the new These Green Eyes album due out late this summer... and I would also like to thank Brian McTernan for giving me a chance to engineer at Salad Days Studio in Baltimore, MD last month. He's a great guy and does amazing work. -Matt

2008-03-31 11:55:50
Welcome to the new site!

These Green Eyes

We are a five piece rock band from New Haven, CT. It seems like only yesterday we found ourselves together in Greg's hot, unventilated garage with only two days left before our first show, two new members (including the singer, who had never heard any of the songs before), and absolutely no idea what we were doing... None of us could have said with any degree of honesty that we would still be here almost 4 years later. See you on "The Road..." -These Green Eyes
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